Additional Information about Dr. French


Neel French, M.D., a board-certified internist, provides primary care to a long-established primary care practice on Chicago's north side.  In the face of a growing trend toward impersonal care, he has chosen to stay in private practice and help ensure a more humane approach to treatment within the confines of encroaching technology, burdensome record-keeping and lessening privacy.

An excellent communicator, Dr. French brings a compassionate, personalized and intuitive approach to diagnosis and treatment.  He does so with enthusiasm,   His office maintains a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere in which all patients are treated with respect, dignity and discretion.  Hallmarks of his practice are a tenacious approach to diagnosis and prompt and thoughtful follow-up with patients about their test results and treatment plans.

Dr. French completed medical school (graduated with honors) and residency in internal medicine at The University of Chicago. His training emphasized treatment of a wide range of diseases, from the very common to the very rare.  He often treats patients with complex diseases that have overlapping symptomatology and complications.  He also has extensive experience treating HIV infection.

Dr. French is associated with Amita Health St. Joseph Hospital Chicago just a few blocks away from his office, where he has admitting privileges.  The hospital is recognized for excellent inpatient care, the quality of its specialists and diagnostic testing. 

When not practicing medicine, Dr. French is an avid bridge player, violinist, dog enthusiast and lives in Lakeview.